Monday, 24 February 2014

Welcome to the World's End Virtual Store blog!

Hello and Welcome to the official World's End Landscaping and Roleplay blog. Here you will find all my new releases, thoughts and the occasional wall-of-text rant.

World's End is currently operating in both Second Life and Kitely. Due to the many recent changes I have scaled back operations in SL to a minimum and currently I am focusing on completing Kitelys first medieval themed residential sim. But more on that some other time.....I have been told I need to give you reasons to come back ;)

For those unfamiliar with my store, I already have a wide selection of landscaping items, modular kits and various other items already available at the Second Life Marketplace and the Kitely Hypergrid Marketplace.

Second Life Store

Kitely Store

I will be blogging regularly as my project expands and/or I release new items. Here is a small selection of whats on offer right now!

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