Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New Medieval Signboard releases

Today I released a selection of Medieval Signboards used to signify the usage of buildings. These signs are available in Second Life right now, and will be available for export on the Kitely Marketplace by the end of the week *EDIT - Now available in Kitely too!*. In total, there are 12 image signs and 5 Named Tavern signs available. Look out for the bumper pack coming soon!

I also make custom signs to order from as little as 5$ per sign. Price of course varies depending on what you want. A rough guide follows, but its better to contact me directly with details of what you are looking for. If I can sell the sign in my store then the below prices can be reduced by 50%.

1. Existing mesh, existing image with custom text - 5$
2. Existing mesh, new image with custom text - 20$
3. Existing mesh, new image, new material (wood, metal, stone, etc) with custom text - 30$
4. New mesh, new image, new material with custom text - 50+$

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