Tuesday, 29 April 2014

More HD Trees now on sale!

I just posted the final entries in my "HD Trees - Deciduous Woodlands" series. All my HD trees have been designed with the purpose of eradicating as far as possible the "flat panel" effect suffered by many plants in SL and OS formats. They look great from all angles and in any windlight setting. Moreover, they are just 1 prim each! All trees come with Summer and Autumn foliage variants.

Available C/M for Kitely-only use or Export to any hypergrid enanbled grid!

These trees are opensim exclusives. Not available in SL! Don't settle for out-dated multi-prim products and enjoy the most realistic and beautiful trees in the metaverse!

All summer variations are currently on display in my world "The Township of Llanfarian" Check them out at my store now!

Discounted landscaping super-fat-packs for builders and grid owners coming soon!

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