Friday, 21 March 2014

Worlds End: Now delivering all over the metaverse thanks to Kitely!

A big development in the last few days!

Kitelys hypergrid market is now delivering to any grid that signs up to the marketplace program. This means that 99% of my inventory is now available to customers metaverse wide!

Presently the only item not available for export is the Medieval Tudor Wall Set. This is because I sell this set on behalf of Zelest Fall of Zelection in Second Life. it is her wish that this item and any items build with it remain within the Kitely grid. My apologies to my customers for this but there is nothing I can do about it. If you wish to use that set on your grid, I would suggest contacting her directly and politely asking to come to a deal. Shes very approachable.

Here is a selection of my export products. Many more available at my store!

Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay - Kitely

If you would like to see my work first-hand, why not stop by my *still under construction* role play sim.

The Township of Llanfarian

Weeping Willows

Cave Kit Mega Pack

Terrain Rocks + 4 Rock Textures

Shrub Pack - 6 Shrubs with 6 Texture Variations

Large Cliff Set

Country Road Set

Snow Drift Set

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New Medieval Signboard releases

Today I released a selection of Medieval Signboards used to signify the usage of buildings. These signs are available in Second Life right now, and will be available for export on the Kitely Marketplace by the end of the week *EDIT - Now available in Kitely too!*. In total, there are 12 image signs and 5 Named Tavern signs available. Look out for the bumper pack coming soon!

I also make custom signs to order from as little as 5$ per sign. Price of course varies depending on what you want. A rough guide follows, but its better to contact me directly with details of what you are looking for. If I can sell the sign in my store then the below prices can be reduced by 50%.

1. Existing mesh, existing image with custom text - 5$
2. Existing mesh, new image with custom text - 20$
3. Existing mesh, new image, new material (wood, metal, stone, etc) with custom text - 30$
4. New mesh, new image, new material with custom text - 50+$

Sunday, 2 March 2014

New medieval themed residential region starting to take shape.......

My as of yet unnamed town is coming along nicely. The high street, castle, slums and farmland are all getting pretty close to completion. Next I want a few more shops, some dock buildings and some more upper class abodes. Houses will be available from as little as 300KC a month! The entire project will have capacity for 40 people.

Some houses will of course be reserved for the general public to enjoy. I would like the region to eventually have 4 regions. I just decided to focus on the main sim first because well, I get distracted very easily :). I am the kind of builder that "sketches" something, then goes off and sketches or tweaks something else, only to come back to what he originally started hours/weeks/months later.

I am hoping to have all the architectural elements in place by the end of March. Unless someone beats me to the punch, I think this will be the first residential project in Kitely. There will be no enforced roleplay rules or dress-code, and I would like to see the "rules" developed by the residents who choose to call the sim home.

More to come soon!