Sunday, 8 November 2015

Reflections on The Kitely Merchant Fair 2015

Well that was fun :)

So the first Kitey Merchant Fair wrapped up last week and I am pleased to say that from the feedback I have received it was a resounding success!

Everyone involved had a great time bringing the project together and I am really thrilled to have been able to meet so many of my fellow creator/merchants and working together was a real pleasure. Thank you to everyone who contributed. This was a real community effort.

It was also amazing to watch the project go from this.....

Original by Zuza Ritt

to this.........

and one of my personal higlights occured before the fair even opened, when the Hypergrid Safari folks dropped in and stress tested both the sim and my ability to type quickly in coherent sentences.

Original by Zuza Ritt
Zuza Ritt also created a terrific video of some of the most beautiful parts of the fair that is well worth a watch.

Every visitor I spoke to had a highlight to tell me about or a general complement. I cant speak to the financial impact of the Fair, as I have not spoken to every merchant. The few I did speak to on the subject related some good sales. But that was not really the point anyway. The point was to create something beautiful, fun, collaborative and interesting for the whole Opensim community to enjoy as they wanted and I am sure in that regard we succeeded.

Heres to 2016!

Monday, 5 October 2015

a sneaky look at the Kitely Merchant Fair 2015!

Well, its nearly the end of another busy year at Worlds End and as usual cobwebs have grown over my blog. Time to dust them off and give you a sneaky look at the Kitely Merchant Fair!

Many readers may have heard that I and over 50 other merchants have been hard at work for over a month to bring you a two week extravaganza of shopping, freebies, new releases and special offers.

While I am not going to spill the beans on what others are planning, I can let you in on the Worlds End area and (some of) the things I am planing.

So the really big news is the release of Castle Caenarfon. An imposing Norman style fortification based loosely on the real Welsh castle of the same name. Every tower is accessible, every rampart walkable. Like all my mesh builds it is fully modifiable and re-texturable.

This is the largest build ever released by Worlds End at roughly 1/4 sim in size and would normally retail around $30 for C/M and $60 for C/M/E. But for the first week of the Fair I am slashing both prices by 50%! And of course, you can walk around and experience it for yourself at this years fair.

Another pretty big release is my Dockside Wall and Boardwalk set. A great addition to any shoreline settlement. This multipart set contains versatile, easy to retexture pieces, everything you have come to expect from Worlds End.

There are also going to be a number of other new releases dropping throughout the fair that will all be discounted by at least 20%.

Not to mention some rather big freebies to be announced later ;)

The Kitely Merchant Fair Opens on the 18th of October and runs for two weeks.

Sim Location: Kitely Merchant Fair 2015
Hypergrid URL: Hypergrid Merchant Fair

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A (late) 2014 review and 2015.......

Well, 2014 was sure an interesting year. My first year of serious business on the Kitely Market and it was a very positive start. Though I have been releasing in dribs and drabs in SL, Kitely is really where I have put much of my energy in 2014 and it did pay off.

I learned recently that besides being among the top grossing merchants, I am the top rated Kitely Merchant if you count "total review stars".

Some of my top products from last year.

What my customers said:
" You need to see these trees inworld to appreciate how good they are"
"Im a fan of these willows. Wonderful Workmanship"
"Gorgeous - They really make areas around water stand out"

What my customers said:
"These items are absolutely gorgeous. The pictures cant really show the detail. You really have to visit the in-world location".
"Easy to use and flexible. Re-texturing to match worlds terrain is a breeze."
"This is a great road set. Lots of options and the ability to use your own textures makes it possible to blend it in with your terrain perfectly."

What my customers said:
"The cliffs (have) such amazing detail for a virtual world. Its just incredible! Thank you!"
"The original kit was to Ozwells usual high standart but with the 2015 update, well....These cliff pieces are majestic, beautiful, some of the best work I have seen."

Summer Shrubs - Scuse the typo in the image which I just noticed lol.

What my customers said:
"Oz hits another ball outta the park! I like very much!"
"They just add that perfect level of detail that I was wanting."

What my customers said:
"Wonderful kit for creating tudor style buildings. Great Value."
"A really useful, versatile set."

Thank you for all your wonderful reviews. They really do help and mean a lot. If you own a worlds end product and didnt review it yet, please do!

Looking on to 2015, I will be moving away from the landscaping side of things to focus more on Buildings and Structures and Roleplay materials and props. Lots of plans in the works. Stay tuned for news on an upcoming Castle complete with modular ramparts, plus a Medieval Marketplace stacked to the gills with goods and produce!

Heres to a great 2015!