Friday, 27 June 2014

Future-Proof products at Worlds End!

There is a lot of noise going round lately about new virtual worlds and platforms coming into view on the horizon. Ultimately I hope to be able to bring you newer, better and more advanced products on these new upcoming platforms, but I can understand people (SL folks especially) worrying about their existing inventory. I thought it might be a good idea to take a moment to assure my customers that ALL Worlds End products are 100% guaranteed for future use on newer platforms as they become available.

This means different things depending on what kind of purchase you made.

For Second Life users - Your purchases will be transferred like for like to the new virtual world from Linden Labs, but NOT High Fidelity. This service is provided upon request and not automatic. Transfer to alts is NOT permitted unless explicitly authorized.

Kitely/Opensim Export customers - You have the right to upload your purchases to any new grid you choose under the original perms supplied. I do also allow people to transfer purchases to alts, but you should notify me with the names of the alts you plan to use beforehand.

So, in short you can continue to shop at Worlds End safe in the knowledge that all your purchases can go wherever you do!