Sunday, 8 November 2015

Reflections on The Kitely Merchant Fair 2015

Well that was fun :)

So the first Kitey Merchant Fair wrapped up last week and I am pleased to say that from the feedback I have received it was a resounding success!

Everyone involved had a great time bringing the project together and I am really thrilled to have been able to meet so many of my fellow creator/merchants and working together was a real pleasure. Thank you to everyone who contributed. This was a real community effort.

It was also amazing to watch the project go from this.....

Original by Zuza Ritt

to this.........

and one of my personal higlights occured before the fair even opened, when the Hypergrid Safari folks dropped in and stress tested both the sim and my ability to type quickly in coherent sentences.

Original by Zuza Ritt
Zuza Ritt also created a terrific video of some of the most beautiful parts of the fair that is well worth a watch.

Every visitor I spoke to had a highlight to tell me about or a general complement. I cant speak to the financial impact of the Fair, as I have not spoken to every merchant. The few I did speak to on the subject related some good sales. But that was not really the point anyway. The point was to create something beautiful, fun, collaborative and interesting for the whole Opensim community to enjoy as they wanted and I am sure in that regard we succeeded.

Heres to 2016!