Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Exploring Kitelys new free Evergreen Island OAR

As some of you will have probably heard by now, I have recently been heavily involved in a new OAR project for the Kitely grid. Evergreen Island!

Now both new and current users have access to a beautiful new free OAR that provides a great starting home out of the box and is also very flexible and easy to expand.

The island also comes with a lovely starter home courtesy of Zuza Ritt of 21Strom/Virtual Infinity. Inside, you will find all the information you need to familiarize yourself with Kitely and the services on offer.

The island itself has plenty of little areas to explore and (hopefully) spark your imagination. Sit above the waterfall and listen to the water and the birds. Explore the overgrown trails and ruins or venture under the mountain and through the caves!

Everything included is Copy/Mod, meaning you can customize and reuse it to your hearts content within Kitely. Simply take a copy inworld or "shift-drag" to create a new copy. You can easily change the rock and terrain textures with other seamless ones. The house can also easily be retextured. Even the off sim islands can be moved, retextured and copied.

Furthermore, everything you see included is 100% mesh. Not a prim to be found.

If you are not currently a Kitely user and wondering how you can get your hands on this fine OAR, you can read more on the Kitely Official Blog.

Many of the landscaping objects included are from sets available from my store.

Craggy Cliffs

Rocky Ground
Summer Undergrowth
Alpine Off-Sim Islands

If you would like more variation, texture options and creative possibilities then check them out!

I am pretty confident that this sets a new standard as the most attractive and comprehensive starter world being offered presently by any grid

I hope everyone enjoys their new islands!!